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Ha ha, in my defence I'd never used bonding paste before and it didn't come with any instructions so I assumed it air cured. It was only when someone said 'did you put enough catalyst in it?' that the penny dropped.

Glad you're still finding my old Sammio posts useful. I found input from Gary J, Mike (who used to work with Gary) and those pioneering builders who'd gone before, particularly Phil Jacklin, to be invaluable in deciding how to proceed with my own build, so I appreciate the compliment.

Iris (the Midget) did turn out rather well. I took my wife out for a tour round the North Norfolk coast in it yesterday and it didn't miss a beat. Although it looks like a sixties car it has a torquey 1500 engine from a later Midget and (Spitfire) overdrive gearbox, so it's perfect for lazy touring on a sunny day.

Once my Speedster is finished Iris will be looking for a new home as I will need the space for my next project. I just happen to have a late MkII Spitfire with no engine waiting in the wings.

Luckily, I also have a MkII Vitesse six-pot and gearbox (still to be collected after lockdown), a choice of GT6 MkIII swing-spring or MkII Vitesse Rotoflex suspension and bakes on the shelf and a desire to turn it into a GT Sixfire. Shouldn't take long...
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