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As I am a bit of an anorak I bought a copy of the Haynes manual for the Talbot Sunbeam - just to find out a little more about the engine and drive train. I discovered a couple of interesting facts.
1. It uses an early form of electronic ignition for which you need the little electronic module that goes with the distributor. Not a disaster but just as well to be aware of it.
2. The axle ratio is 4.1 or something close. Don't remember exactly and the manual isn't to hand. Not suprising considering the small CC of the engine. The problem is that the 1.8 Marina uses 3.7ish. I am using larger, 15", wheels so unless I change the diff ratio this delightful engine is going to be no good for me. Back to the old B series it seems.
Cheers, Robin
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