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Originally Posted by Car photographer View Post
Cool that you're thinking of a Corsa Spyder ..... Do you think the vitesse or GT6 6 cylinder might work .... That way there'd be less issues when registering it if the engine is on its original chassis, and if you'd got a GT6 one the rear suspension should handle better too .... Only thing I'm not 100% sure of is the room in the engine bay, but looking at mine I reckon with a radiator moved forward a bit it could be possible
Yes - I am considering the Corsa Spyder with Triumph straight 6 lump but it's a bit of a heavy old beast... I found pictures of at least one Corsa that already has been fitted with the straight 6.

The rear suspension on the GT6 used rotoflex in the Mk1 and MK2 but thelater MK3 reverted to the swing spring. However.... There are kits arround to convert the rear suspension to using traditional driveshafts with "normal" UJ's. Apparently its almost impossible to get good rotoflex couplings (rubbish copies only available) nowadays so I would probably consider going this route.

We wait and see. I am only at the planning stage so far....

Cheers, Robin
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