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The noise is amazing and is why I was allowed to buy the car.

A friend of mine deals in interesting cars and knows I like Mercedes - I had a CL600 at the time. He had just picked the car up and thought he would drive round to my house to show it off. I was away from the house at the time but my wife, who is not a car lover, was at the back of the house when she heard it pull up. She ran to the front of the house to see what it was and when she saw Ian in the car she rang me. I still remember her excited voice "I don't know what it is but it sounds gorgeous and even Ian looks good in that. You can sell the silver one and buy it"

Another recent thing was when I got it serviced. The garage owner will not let anyone else work on the car and the receptionist, his wife, asked why not. The car was in the enclosed working bay and he told her to stand near by when he revved it. She quivered, went bright red and ran back to the reception. I walked back and she giggled - that is perfectly tuned to twiddle the lady bits.
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