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Originally Posted by 1iTim View Post
Hi, what alternatives to Photobucket are there? Can I pull the link from a Facebook post?
I use Flicker, it's fairly simple (needs to be for me!) and there seems to be plenty of capacity. I have quite a few pix loaded and I have hardly made a dent in my allowance.

One thought, I only post screen shots, I find the image I want to upload in Adobe Lightroom make any adjustments then I take a selective screen shot, shift+command+4 (Mac OS) which places it on my desktop; I then drag that to the upload screen of Flicker. Screen shots are good because they are usually much smaller than the raw images I store in my computer, and it saves messing about exporting JPEGS. A screen shot also strips any personal data like GPS locations or personal names etc. which are often embedded in the EXIF of a JPEG.
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