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Hey guys,

Great project you got going on! I've had a hard time myself finding pictures of certain models; especially some of those whose manufacturers have closed down over the years.
Anyway, I'm currently doing a university project regarding Lotus 7-style kit cars, together with Axon Automotive and we've designed a kit car that makes partial use of Carbon fibre for the CHASSIS.
Essentially the tub, where the passengers sit, has been replaced with carbon fibre while the front and back part of the chassis are maintained with the original steel chassis frame.
I'm conducting a very quick survey to understand your perspective on this carbon fibre tub (which is in essence a piece of innovation to a car that has not had much modifications on the chassis for at least the last 20 years). I'd really appreciate therefore if you could spare 2 minutes to answer this survey and share your thoughts. All your responses will be stored anonymously and you'll be able to find more information about the Tub in the survey itself. The link is below.

Cheers guys!

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