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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
The TVR perspex covers needed a lot of trimming in the first place. They were then drilled with 4 mounting holes which were then countersunk for M4 screws. I spotted through the covers and tapped the GRP M4 to suit. Its about 3mm thick around the rim of the light cover so plenty thick enough . The outer trims were then stuck on with heavy duty, out door spec 3m tape.

One word for drilling perspex as there is a lot of BS out there ! You need to grind your drill bit to a very shallow angle. It needs to be sharp ( not blunt as you might read elsewhere ! ) You need to go slow and steady and keep the drill bit cool using water. The plastic can get very hot very quickly which can cause the drill to jam and crack the work. Only use very light pressure, let the drill cut at its own rate. You need to support the perspex directly behind with a wooden block where you are drilling.
Thanks LLM, very full and great advice. Totally appreciated. I shall heed it well....Cheers.
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