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Default various bits n bobs


I've a number of parts left over from my Marlin Sportster build. See list below. I thought I'd offer up here before sticking it all on ebay. PM me if you're interested.


- VDO Vision Clock 52mm - has seen 150 miles in the car since IVA so in like new condition but as I'm disconnecting my battery when not in use, I don't want to set the time every time I use it. Same version as HERE - 50 + P&P

- Pair of Stainless Spot / Driving lamps - Again only seen ~ 150 miles since IVA so like new. I bought them for full beam without realising the main lamps I'd ordered had sides, head and main in a single unit so they are just dead weight and a power drain for me. Same as these units HERE - 50 + P&P

- Pair of Ali Steering rack extenders 50mm each with 25mm of thread. M14x2.0 thread inside and out as with THESE but in black - 10 +P&P

- H&R Wheel Spacers DRA40 (part nr 40757252) total track widening is 40mm i.e. 20mm each. PCD is 120x5 with centres 72.5mm. These are designed for BMW E36/E46. There were only used while building and IVA'ing the car and were then replaced with DRA80 so show some signs of wear from being taken on and off the vehicle but are essentially as good as new. Same as HERE - 50 +P&P
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