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Default 67 Mustang, new project (off topic)

Thought I'd post for those of you that might be interested. Richards got a new project:

1967 Ford Mustang coupe.

The car was from Louisville Kentucky. It was originally painted Wimbledon White with a black vinyl roof. Around 2009 the car was restored. It was repainted in Brittany blue and the engine rebuilt.

The engine is a 289 v8 with a 3 speed automatic gearbox.

Paint is pretty good, mechanically it needs some work, electrics need quite a lot of work.

So far we have made a number of small fixes and upgrades; seals, dampers, electric fan, little bits or wiring, indicator cam, fuel filler tube, water pipes, dome light, re-wiring the side light which were amusingly wrong (some how passed Iva/ mot with the previous owner )

Exhaust is next on the list, it's currntly so loud it makes yours ears ring after a short drive. We've got silencers from the Australian company Varex - electronic controlled flap lets you turn into a straight through type box like the magnaflows i have on the sportster (which I may change to Varex on there too)

See more here:

Current 'silencers' :
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