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Thanks for the comments guys,

It is a shame but to have the car complete to my standard it would take a few years and then a year to pay Nick out as I don't even very much atall.

The car with parts is worth about 5K, there is also a lot of wasted items as they are all designed for the exi. So its better to shift it all in 1. Yes it willhurt to see the car leave and will hurt the piggy bank but I'm writting off every penny spent on the car and what I get back is a bonus.

It is annoying as the only thing that needs to be done to make it look finished is the bodywork. The chassis could go on the road but it would be pointless as you couldn't go far with the fuel tank, and it is bloody hard ride with no engine mounts no suspension and it being 40mm at the highest point lowest being 30mm sat in the padock it would be painful everytime you hit a cat's eye,

Mark doesn't want the car as it isnt really one of theres anymore. It just sooo close to being complete that its anoying just need a few people asking about the new body kit for the car then I may be able to keep it and get the car finished.

However if the car is still sat in my garage in April it will still be going to the Action Day at Castle Combe.
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