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Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman View Post
Can I ask where you got the ceramic connectors? I ask because although they seem readily available, all the ones I've seen have a partial loom attached, and I'd prefer separate terminals (of the correct size) to attach to my wires.
I have fitted these ceramic type connectors to my Marlin Hunter and to a classic, both of which have remote headlights in bowls so no ventilation / cooling. With upgrade to QhZ bulbs both suffered from melted plastic connectors.

I bought them complete with tails which I soldered to the existing wiring, plus two layers of heat shrink sleeving (put on first!) for added insulation. Since fitting them, problem cured!

I bought one pair from AES but have also bought identical ones from autojumbles. Consequently I now have at least one pair in stock! As you do!

The AES link is below. Peter.
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