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First picture of my instruments

Very pleased they look great and can't wait to get my hands on them.
One of the things that I really like is the traditional odometer, the LCD screen on the ETB instruments was a big letdown, gave the game away instantly.
The odometer is actually an hours indicator rather than miles the same as used on a boat.
Now looking for problems, my car is on a limited mileage policy so if there was ever a claim I wouldn/t like to give them a reason not to payout.
I have asked Grassbanks to sent the new speedo at zero and will take a picture of the current mileage at this point. I will then be able to compare the "hours" to "miles". The original binnacle is hidden behind the new dash so you can always check the mileage but a bit of a faff.
Now you can get those Bluetooth OB2 readers that plugin under the dash and are read by your smart phone, they all have different features. Does anyone know of a version that shows the mileage? Would be a very good way of knowing the exact mileage for the insurance company without having to pull the dash. Take a screenshot every MOT and you are covered.

One thing I am not so keen on is the labelling on the idiot lights on the speedo and rev counter, ASC/DSC gives the game away and it looks a little odd that the small instruments are labelled in Italian but the idiot lights in English. I would like to see the idiot lights unlabeled. Also 3 lights on each dial so that front fogs could be included. The idiot lights are feed from the idiot light sockets on the back of the original cluster so you could simply plug one of Grassbanks adapters into the cluster and connect it to the idiot light of your choice, this way you could have one of the lights connected to the MIL warning or whatever warning you wanted.
Small point but doesn't detract from the overall effect.
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