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Default classic replicas

Hi there! Some time ago I posted a request for any info on the classic replicas product, because I was interested in buying a kit and having it sent to the USA. I see that since that time, some others have had some bad experiences and posted them here, although very little specific info. I decided to purchase the kit anyway. It was received stateside in Sept, 2010. I would first like to say that the people of Classic Replicas have always been very helpful, although not always the fastest in getting back to me. More recently, they have made a huge improvement in this matter, and usually get back to me within 24 hours. I know that there is some speculation about the origin of the body molds they use, and I have to admit that the pictures on his web site look alot like deons, however the body that I received looks considerable different, particularly around the quarter glass which is recessed and the roof over it, which carries the rain gutter lines like the original. I will admit that the nose of the car is lower than it should be, but it may be that whatever car it was molded from had been hit in the front at some time. ( I don't imagine that many dino owners with imaculate cars have ever offered to have their cars splashed with fiberglass. Any way, I am generally pleased with what I got. According to Gordon, He is in the process of making new moulds, which is entirely possible given that he has a dino gts in his shop. Certainly this would enable him to make a perfect copy. I was at his shop last March and saw the dino he has. It is clear that Gordon is working hard to improve his product. It has changed considerably over time. Last year, he redesigned his frame to closely resemble a dino frame. I believe that mine was the first of them ( I saw my frame right next to the dino frame in his shop. He also now uses floorpans and bulkheads copied from the original. I would like to encourage people to go to his shop and see what he is doing over there. Is his product perfect? No. But his effort is showing and I think his product is promising. I wish Gordon would post some pictures of his more recent stuff on his web site.I am certainly willing to send some of my pictures if anyone is interested. I will glad talk to anyone interested via my email at