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Originally Posted by nostraloom View Post
Hi there! If you are interested in CLassic Replicas, you should look at what I already posted. As I have said, I am generally happy with my stuff. As I see it, their product seems to be getting better and better. I think it may be important to realise that (1) they are a small company, and (2) they probably get more of their share of inquiries of a less than serious nature. It may be a daunting task to handle all the emails and phone calls. That said, I realise that this all comes with the territory. I can't comment of the cars they build because I bought a kit. The body I got was well crafted, although some bodywork will be required before I can paint it.The fiberglass is of fairly consistant thickness throughout. I think that it would be helpful to have a working knowledge of autobody repair in order to build this kit yourself. The chassis seems very well crafted. I would encourage a visit to their shop. / Nostraloom
I asked you a simple question, how much did you pay for the Classic Replicas kit and what did that include?