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Default classic replicas

Hello there! Just a few things. I am not sure how to post pictures on this forum, but I will share pics of what I got throught email at The car is not anything near done, as I am taking my time to do the thing right. I am raising the nose to where it should be and re-contouring the hood to match which is taking some effort, but which is almost done. The results are definitely worth it. In response to a few questions, I didn't buy anything from Classic Replicas that was drivetrain related because U. S. Customs would certainly not allow this. It would have been classified as a complete car, and would have to comply with all new car regulations. I bought all the chassis and suspension and body parts and some trim pieces and glass. I visited Gordon at his shop in March 2010, and He put me up free of charge in a hotel which was very nice. The dino he had in his shop at that time was a gts, which clearly was in the middle of a restoration, as all the parts for it were scattered around his shop. He was copying the frame which was exposed in what was a completely stripped car. Besides mine, he had another frame completed of the same design which was apparently for the next customer. I am fairly sure that shortly after I got my stuff, he had this other car in the works (I have pictures of that car which he sent me to answer a question about bulkheads). I could see in that short time, he had made improvements that wern't on my car. I have had several older kit cars which had been half completed and which didn't come with manuals to build from. I didn't get a manual with this one, but thats part of the fun of building a car, to build it the way you want to do it, isn't it? I never asked for one. Anyway, Even though I am pleased with my car parts, I am sorry for anyone who hasn't been. I see great potential in my car and am happy that I bought it. I have loved the shape of the Dino ever since I saw one, and this is so much better than a Kelmark.////Nostraloom.