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Hello there;

Everybody is free to express their opinion here but I´d like to make some things clear, and I wouldn´t like to disturb anyone.

1. I also believe my car has got a lot of potential, even though I have contributed to it myself more than Mr. Gordon Ainsby did.

2. I also have fun building my car and I know I can do it without a building manual

3. I also love the dino very much, in fact this is the reason why I bought it and came through all I came through with classic replicas.

4. I also ordered a kit, because I had the engine and gearbox and the rest of the mechanic parts ready to be fitted (this also of course because I spent so much time waiting for Gordon to finish his job)

5. I could also post some pictures of my car here so everybody can see what Classic replicas gave me and I have pictures of other cars as well in the same state.

What we are talking about here is that:

1. You have several responsabilities when you run a public company that you just can´t avoid.

2. If there is a clearly dishonorable management of a company, not a single mistake, performed by his owner, then the customers who have suffered it themselves have the right to make their experiences public so everybody can appreciate the negative and potential risk they could be involved in if they decide to deal with this company.

3. Even though you can do right some times, doesn´t mean that, if you did very wrong in the past, that is over and nothing happens. These people, as managers of their companies, must accept their responsability and the possible impact of the bad press their acts can produce.

4. When you receive and order, as many people may know, you have to deal with hiring professionals to do the technical job, you need to control the costs the order is going to take, you need to meet certain deadlines and you have to be very professional with your customers and, of course, with all of them and not only a few.

5. The fact that you don´t find many dino replica manufacturers in the market, does not justify an amateur approach to what is, in fact, a public company and, therefore, a business created to make money as final purpose, and not only because you love the dino.

6. I want to make clear that i´m not an unhappy customer with an unfinished building, who does not have the skills to do it, but just the opposite and that I will finish my car successfully with the help of some friends and other people.

7. The reason why I write these lines is because everybody must know what happened with several, not just me, customers who bought cars or kits from classic replicas.

One thing to think about: If classic replicas was a trustful company, wouldn´t this part of the forum be a place where happy customers were talking about their buildings of dino replicas, sharing information, etc, and nothing else?

I know that Mr.Gordon Ainsby can be a kind person, but I also know he can be very different.

I really wish bikidude and inspace get what they deserve and Mr Gordon Ainsby as well.

It is of course a different wish for the first two than for the last one.