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With the rear hubs off I can at last strip down the bearings & replace them. The main bearing also took a bit of a pull, but soon yielded under a 3 legged puller. All de-greased, pressure hosed and ready for a rub down and repaint with trusty Hammerite.
Chap I know with a small engineering works has made me up a lowering block & I should start to rebuild the back end this week. More photos to follow.
Anyone going to Goodwood Revival? ..... I'll be there all 3 days as one of the actors (dharling !!!!).. this year I'm one of the spivs .... let me know if you are there and perhaps we can meet up.
Tony: PM me with some dates you plan to go to your brother's ... be good to meet and discuss all things "petrol head" over a beer.
Paul (aka Slarti)

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