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Managed to spend a whole afternoon in the ManCave ... started to strip down the front calipers to put new seals in. Trouble was getting one of the pistons out !! One of them came FAIRLY easily with an airline ... but the other ... well .. it was pretty firm as the saying goes. Trouble was the outer seal was missing and water had got in so it was d*mned near rusted in. With a little persuasion and a fair bit of WD40 I managed to tap it out with a small screwdriver and a little tapping hammer.
I will replace all 4 pistons as one is beyond help whilst the other appears to have a hairline crack ...
Onece the pistons were out I got my fifteen quid steam cleaner out before painting it up with nice red brake caliper paint. Not looking bad if I say so myself.
More pictures to follow soon.
I rolling chassis by spring is still looking possible.


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