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Is it that long since I last posted an update? Shame on me ....! Well actually I've not been that busy on the Sammio lately ... daughter moved to a new house and needed Dad's help ... grandchildren in Nottinham ... you know how it is !. But I have refurmed the water pump (still in fine condition!) as iare the dynamo & the starter motor ... both still had the stickers on which indicated that they were virtually brand new.
But, some advice please .... not the Sammio, but my Rover P5B (I'll be posting on that forum as well). Today had the old girl MOT'd ... not a problem, in fact no remarks from my friendly tester at all ... but, driving back a few miles, stopped to put some more petrol in (including the lead replacement additive) ... drove the couple of miles back home and at the bottom of our road she stalled. Engine starts, but as soon as you select a gear (it's auto) ..fud ...stalls again.
So, park up, a short walk to the house (50 yards) and get on with degreasing the Sammio engine and have a cuppa! .. when the Rover had cooled down, abot an hour and a half she started and drove like nothing had happened.
Any feedback or ideas MOST welcome.
I hope to do some catching up soon on the Sammio and post piccies.
Cheers guys (& gals)
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