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Got a fair bit of feedback from the Rover Forum and should get the old girl sorted when I have half an hour to spare.
Current wife has pressed me into sorting out the garden ... so not much going on with the Sammio. However, now got round to stripping the engine. Head off, valves out and starting to grind them back in. As I'm not going for an out and out racer AND this is on a bit of a tight budget, I am considering a using existing valves (none have been burned out) but replacing the springs. The rocker shaft has a little play in some of the arms and I'm wondering if I should replace the whole lot. Any suggestions?
Oddly one of the cam followers appears to have been ground down at the top end .... but for the life of me a can't think why. I have decided to replace all of them.
Any of you guys attempted to replace valve guides ?? ... can they be drifted out or do I need a whacking great press ??
Once I've rebuilt the head I will start on the bottom end. I hoping to get away without a regring or rebore but will keep you advised.
Keeeeep buildin'
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