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Originally Posted by AnthonyW. View Post
Hi Peter,
I have a Sabre with a hard top,and I want to fit a hood. I cannot get either the frame nor any drawings from AutoMotive Creations who are currently making the Sabre.

If you are refurbishing your car, I wonder whether I could borrow the frame and brackets so I could make drawings please.



Hi Anthony,
and a warm welcome to the MAKC forum!

I am a bit surprised that you cannot get a hood frame from Automotive Creations as it's listed in their Parts list on their website? Malcolm (Badger) is usually very helpful to existing owners and at 297.00 I can't see making one yourself makes much sense? But I guess I can see why Malcolm would be sensitive to releasing copies of the drawings to protect his investment.
My hood frame is all in pieces and packed away in one of my 'lock-ups' so it may take me a while to find it all again but I have started to slowly sort things out after moving house last year.

If you have no luck with Malcolm, then send me a PM with your contact details and I'm sure we can work something out.

best regards,

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