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A good week-end on th Sammio ! Wife went shopping with our eldest daughter for wedding dresses ... another expense! but it did give me the chance to work in the carport under cover (didn't it rain!). But as I STILL haven't got the head back I did some more painting and cleaning of bits & bobs ....
Thought I would try the frame on the chassis ....with a bit of coaxing it dit fit and all the bolt holes lined up ..

Then I stripped down the fuel pump.
Nice and clean out side! ...
but inside was a diiferent story ... ..gauze filter seemed ok ... but inside was ... well ... slightly MUCKY ...
...over a heaped teaspoon of ... rust and dirt. .
Hopefully pick up the reconditioned head next week and start to put things together.
I've got this idea at the back of my mind to put 2 x 6v batteries behind the seats a la MGB instead of dropping the battery box .... any thoughts on that from you guys/gals in the know??? Love to hear from you ....
Onward & upward ...!
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