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Originally Posted by lordivanhoe View Post
Peter, this is truly awesome.
With great sadness I am currently selling my own Sabre which I built 1997-2002 and have had on the road ever since - parenthood, career changes and a house purchase have all contributed to this fateful decision at this point in time.
However, on the plus side, I have promised myself (and have made SWMBO aware, without demur so far..!) that one day I will build another one (or, if the opportunity arises, do as you are doing and buy one needing rebuild)..
Loving your blog/build, it's really bringing back good memories and is inspirational. I was thinking about attempting to 're-enter the fray' in about two years' time (funds etc permitting!) and am already having all sorts of ideas about engine alternatives, etc, so to see the kind of work you are doing here is great. Mind you, it's really making my building fingers itch, I don't know if I can wait a full two years..!
I look forward to the next instalment and will follow with avid interest!

ps: anyone out there who knows, or hears of, a Sabre kit/part build/unfinished build/needs a rebuild at any time, I'd love to hear about it..!!
Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you're enjoying the updates. (albeit a little slow progress since moving house last year).
Sorry to hear that you are selling your own car but I'd love to see any old build photo's if you have any?
Unfinished or neglected Sabres do seem to be rather rare but pop up occasionally. I'll let you know if I hear anything!


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