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Yes, it's been weeks since I've had a chance to work on the Spyder. Other things seemed to get in the way .... like our daughter's wedding preparations for 20th September. The Morris failed its MOT and I had to get that back on the road for the bridesmaids!! long story ... the short version is, I replaced a rear wheel cylinder and we are back on the road ...just in time. As for the Sammio, I've now got a fuel tank, twin carbs & a 4 branch exhaust manifold ready to fit when I get some time.
This week-end I'm off to Goodwood Revival ... all 3 days as one of their many actors. So if any of you are going ... do look out for the Spivs ... one of them could be me trying to sell you some dodgy watch or scabby nylons! ... might see you MrTowed ....
Slowly slowly ......
All the best
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