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Well, I haven't actually been building the Sabre but I have been doing some preparation work.
I've bought another 328 MS41 ECU and sent it off to have the EWS immobiliser deleted so that I don't have to transfer the BMW key sensor and associated gubbens. The ECU was from a 1997 328 Coupe which was still a single VANOS M52, so it should have similar engine Maps to mine. It also need its ABS signal limiter fixed so that the ECU doesn't limit the rpm without an ABS installed.
It's now installed in the car, in place of the original ECU, and works just fine with the EWS module removed and with the ABS disabled. With the new ECU installed and the EWS module removed you have to bridge Pins 1 and 3 to complete the starter motor circuit.

Engine running without the EWS module by marlinpeter, on Flickr
In the picture above you can spot the brown coloured bridging link in the yellow EWS module connector. The EWS module is lying on the floor to the right of the picture.

I had a bit of a worry when it was first installed because I was getting hunting of the idle between 300 to 700rpm. After some troubleshooting and head scratching I discovered it was a poor connection at the engine coolant temperature sensor plug. It just coincidently started when I changed the ECU. The troublesome coolant sensor has been replaced just in case it was on it's way out although I think it was just a poor connection.

Both my original ECU and the new one were flagging up a faulty Camshaft Sensor. After clearing the fault a few times it always came back after running the engine. I've swapped it out for a used BMW part as I had read that some of the aftermarket sensors aren't very good quality. The used sensor cost me 10 (inc. postage) and works fine so far. What was surprising was the unusually loud 'ticking' from the injectors has really quietened down and my exhaust is much cleaner and almost odourless. Ever since I've had the car it has had a very smelly exhaust which filled my garage with fumes even though the car is parked about 10 foot from the door. What i realise now is that with the camshaft sensor not working the ECU was effectively overfuelling at idle. (I had previously assumed the CAT was knackered).

I will continue to check over the engine and ancillaries until I'm ready to remove the engine and gearbox....

I've also been busy removing and selling parts that will not be needed for the Sabre. When I built my Marlin Sportster, I dismantled the donor car and then sold off the unwanted parts. This time i'm selling all the unwanted parts first so I am not have to store them all and have them getting in the way, etc. I've sold the alloy wheels, seats, door cards, armrest, glovebox, hood motors and a variety of other small parts. So far I've made 600 (not including ebay fees) so I'm on track to fully recover the cost of my donor car.
e36 Donor car dismantling by marlinpeter, on Flickr

e36 Donor car dismantling by marlinpeter, on Flickr

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