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Originally Posted by Mike View Post

The M50 Marlin Cabrio/Sporster solution is marginally more involved than your stright forward 180 degree rotation, but offers two significant benefits:
Significantly reduced effective elbow width, which will help with your rocker cover location on the opposite side, and
The ICV pipework remains at the bottom of the elbow, not rotated to the top as your photo shows.

I do not know that this will work with the M52, but the solution on an M50 is to cut off the concertina section of the elbow, which currently attaches to the MAF, and then use the new end to attach to the throttle body. This then positions the ICV port facing down.
Hi Mike,
thanks for the suggestion and explanation.
I've had a a look at mine and found that the MAF is 80mm diameter but my throttle body is only 73mm so swapping the elbow around has it's own challenges. But I will keep your idea in mind as an option if I need the extra clearance. I guess the m50 has a larger throttle body?


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