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Originally Posted by peterux View Post
Hi Mike,
thanks for the suggestion and explanation.
I've had a a look at mine and found that the MAF is 80mm diameter but my throttle body is only 73mm so swapping the elbow around has it's own challenges. But I will keep your idea in mind as an option if I need the extra clearance. I guess the m50 has a larger throttle body?

Hi Peter

I've had a quick look at my set up, and the throttle body is 73mm, and the MAF is larger like yours.
By cutting the concertina end off the elbow, the new internal diameter of my elbow is 73mm, so that fitted perfectly onto the throttle body.
My MAF is larger (I can't get at it easily to measure) so I bought a rubber adaptor from K&N taking 70mm upto 80mm.

The adaptor comes with a sleeve and jubilee clips to join it to your elbow, so its a simple fit.

Its not particularly cheap, but it will gain significant space over the straight forward 180 degree rotation, and makes fitting the ICV pipe a nice neat standard fit, rather than having to adapt it to plumb it up and over the top of the throttle body.

I added a length of flexi tube in my set up to be able to locate the MAF in a different place (it would have interfered with my washer/water tank?) and to then take the air intake back up to the top of my bonnet grill to ensure a cold air intake.

This was my initial set up, after I had cut 75mm out of all 6 tubes of the M50 inlet manifold, as Marlin recommended, in order to fit the M50 into the engine bay - (they did exactly the same on their demonstrator)

[IMG]Air In-take : Revised - see later by Mike Garner, on Flickr[/IMG]

I was never happy with the chopped and sleeved inlet manifold (it was always a potential weak point for a reliable engine) and looked for a way to fit a standard one.

As the standard manifold was effectively 60mm wider I needed to reduce the effective width of the elbow to compensate. By cutting the concertina section off, it now just fits.

[IMG]Inlet Manifold Fits by Mike Garner, on Flickr[/IMG]
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