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Originally Posted by lordivanhoe View Post
Hi Peter, well I just checked. 8" springs with 300lb would I suggest almost certainly not be too soft - I went for 9" springs at the same (300lb) weight. What I do remember is they certainly helped keep her a lot more level in the corners! Either way, clearly the originals would by popular opinion seem to have been very soft. I can't claim any particular expertise myself but at the time I took advice from my brother who used to do spanners for Benetton and McLaren F1 teams (as well as running his own saloon race car!) and they were his recommendation. He would probably as a rule favour slightly harder suspension, of course..! ;-) Hope that helps! Ivan.
Hi Ivan,
that's great information, thanks for looking it up. I think I'll be getting 8" 300 lb springs then
Do you recall if you used the standard Sierra anti-roll bar?

thanks, peter
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