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Costs have risen to build a kit to a good standard thats for sure. The basic kit price is just the start as we know ! There are a few options out there which won't break the bank but you will be investing a lot of time.
The time aspect and the inclination to build will put a lot of people off, but many will have deep pockets so are happy to pay and buy a finished car.
Many people of a certain age will simply not have the skills and that will be most under 40's ! I'm 55 and did a full engineering apprenticeship in the early 80's. That was the time when engineering was being hit really hard in this country and companies stopped their apprenticeship schemes . Not saying it was essential but I learned a lot back then and it has proved very useful.
The classic scene has gone bonkers , who would have thought old Ford Escorts would worth 5 figure sums just 20 years ago and not long before that they were 50 in your local paper every week !
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