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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
I think the internet has more than made up for the demise of breakers yards. Recently needed a front wing for a Mercedes CLK, choice of several all in the right colour, less than 50 on eBay.
A while ago I needed a switch for an XJ40 seat adjuster and heated seat, it was particular to the Vandenplas, I really didn't hold out much hope but choice of 4 on eBay.
There are instances where the internet comes up trumps, but IMHO for kit building the 'traditional' breaker's yards really were useful if you wanted a part, but didn't know which car you wanted it from! eg a suitable bonnet catch or door lock...... just open a few doors/bonnets until you find what you need! Alas even when I've wanted some parts for a 6-year-old car (and I know the part number etc) I've not been lucky in my local 'recyclers'
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