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body arrived Thursday so I hit google for measurements to start having a play this weekend. because the car is just two halves it was like a jelly out the mold .it took forever to get it something like in line measure and move umpteen times door gaps are pretty spot on so I am hoping the rest is far away.

I set it up on ladders guessing I could use them as level ground and looking at pictures of a speedster its pretty straight all round the sills

next job try to rough in some structure to the body, I wanted to work inside out so as not to build on top of what I have got but under it. if that makes sense. it can be cut and modified latter when the body is stronger. I left the edges of the fiberglass mat clear of resin so when I am ready to add structure it should tie in better.


I latter cut a V each side of the engine lid opening to pull it down on the soft top its not as steep an angle this body would have been hard top.


at least its starting to firm up the body joining the two halves back together even if it is just roughed in for now. making the boot lid and opening or is it engine lid is going to be interesting one and is going to need some planning.

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