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Hmm, I got my 550 Spyder aeroscreen (together with a 550 dash moulding and an engine grille) from Martin & walker in Andover.

They're real classic Porsche enthusiuasts and, ultimately they did really help me by supplying the parts I needed but it wasn't exactly 'click and collect' as they're absolutely snowed under with orders for their 904GTS replica.

From memory that's at a base price of around 55k for a built up body/rolling chassis for you to add your own engine to, so I was a bit of a tiddler nibbling their toes rather than the catch of the day in financial terms.

I persevered with emails and the odd telephone call, though, and they were good enough to sort out the parts for me.

Anyway, their website still shows a complete 356 Speedster screen assembly for under 500 so it would be worth contacting them to see if they can help. The site hasn't been updated since 2012, mind, so that price could be a bit out of date.

They might also be able to help with a bonnet, but, as I said, they're really very busy.

Anyway, keep up the good work!
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