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Originally Posted by paul_n

I would have though this was a better buy?

They are nice and tall and imposing, not as dainty as the MG replicas?

Unless you really want something as big as the Sherpa? it seems a huge contrast to the Moss?

You do realise the Sherpa is the best part of 15ft long!


As it's on the donor car's V5 it would require SVA, so not a contender for my next project.

It's the size and road presence of the Sherpa project that appeal to me. Apart from three Dutton Sierras, my multitude of so-say Kit Cars have all been dinky two seaters: been there, done that, time to move on. I can always cut a hole in the back wall of the cave for the dumb irons if the length proves problematic...

Regards, Mick
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