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Originally Posted by Dpaz View Post
Did you get the Sherpa?
After ten days of deliberation and discussion I decided yesterday to not bid. I ran the surveyor's tape over the cave and realised that, due to its width, I would only be able to work on a quarter of it at a time, unless it was wheeled right out onto my daughter's lawn, not a popular option. I also realised that, to turn it around for various necessary cave only fettling operations, that it would need to be pushed right out into the road due to its size. On balance I feel that I made the correct decision. Looking at the bidding history I would have won it with my envisaged last seconds 2,110.

Originally Posted by paul_n
Was that too much for what was there?
I don't think so, being registered and having been on the road IMO it was a good two grand's worth.

Regards, Mick
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