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Cool Carb. Woes Over - Hopefully

After my many attempts, including yesterday's and today's, to get my 28/36 DCD Weber to perform satisfactorily, I bit the bullet and gave up on it. I knew that other twin choke downdraught Webers had the same footprint and would bolt straight on to my manifold, so I dived into the web for a couple of hours and decided on a 32/36 DGV. Ever helpful eBay offered me a brand spanking new one for 220 notes - done! It's due to arrive Friday so with a fair wind she should be on her maiden voyage on Saturday to Castle Combe Lotus Day The forecast is good, unlike last year's monsoon.

Misplaced optimism is a possibility, but I hearken back to my first Dutton Phaeton, newly completed from scratch in '86, for which I booked a work's lunchtime MOT in Bristol whilst living near Stroud. She broke down twice on the way, failed on seven (non life threatening) counts, and got back in good order.

Regards, Mick
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