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Originally Posted by slartibartfast View Post
Thank you Mac, thank you Towed ... will remove a few leaves and put a bit of weight on it. Ordered new wheel cylinders & fitting kits from Canleys. Should get the back end finally rebuilt next week end. Then I can turn it round and start on the front suspension. Watch this space.
Towed ... I see you had another change to get 602 out with some "friends" ..
Have you got all the Goodwood mud off yet
Mud still appearing in all nooks and crannies, but should shake some of it off on the run to Snetterton on Sunday.

May or may not have the secondary radiator fitted by then, it arrived yesterday and I'm aiming to make the mountings over the next day or so. Just waiting for seven metres of 32mm hose to arrive so I can plumb it in. Side exit exhaust will also be going in over the next couple of days.

Good luck getting your rear suspension rebuilt, work so far looking top quality.
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