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Originally Posted by cabrioman View Post
Yep they don’t seem particularly joined up on this. The revised (as of 20th May) mot manual now says all kits with first use after 1998 are tested for emissions as per date of registration if no limit shown on V5, the test relaxation for age of engine has been removed completely for any vehicle first used after 2002.

So they need to not only update the IVA to reflect the u turn on kitcar emisions, but will also have to amend the mot test guide again because since the current one came into force on the 20th of May, lots of kitcars will fail emisions based on the current new mot manual requirements.

Hi John,
you raise a number of interesting points.
The Marlin Sportster that I built was SVA'd and registered in 2008.
It's emissions were tested in line with then current SVA rules according to the engine age.
When it was registered the emissions test requirement was printed on the V5C document on the front page (IIRC under the notes section).
It should be no issue getting an MOT although you may need to show the the V5C to the tester.

I assume that the date of 1998 referred to in the MOT manual is when the SVA became a requirement. I would suggest that any owner of a car who knows that it was SVA or IVA tested and does not have the emissions on the V5 should contact the DVLA to get it corrected.

Re the latest consultation, as far as i can see, I don't believe the IVA manual has been changed to reflect the proposal so no update required.

Of course, the new MOT rules will be a big problem for any car that is driving around on the original donor plates or somehow missed the SVA or IVA.

It doesn't help anyone that the MOT refers to 'Kit Cars' but the DVLA registration process has three different types of kit cars namely Kit-built Vehicles, Kit-converted Vehicles and Radically Altered Vehicles, all with different definitions. Most MOT tester won't have a clue on the difference and the requirements. Anyone buying a second hand Kit Car should check the registration document is correct in every detail and walk away from anything that is not 100% correct.
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