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Default Brakes

Originally Posted by SteveD View Post
Balance bar pedal box is the ultimate but very difficult to retro fit in most cars.
The picture you have is one floor mounted, Burton,s do a bulkhead mounted one with hanging pedals which I am using in my car.
However, look at E-Bay number 282234925508, this fits straight onto the standard Scimitar pedal box, change the pushrod for the existing one and a little bit of re-piping to do.
As to servos, I have had two of the remote type fail on me, luckily at slow speeds, so I dislike them and run all my cars without them. If you can cope with a slightly higher pedal pressure, I find the Scimitar brakes to be better without a servo and the MOT tester has no problems with the setup.
SteveD, great link.
I had looked at fitting a balance bar with dual 0.70 master cylinders as the early scimitar had no brake bias for the rear.
But I had not come across this combined solution before.
Have you any idea what the diameter of the morgan master cylinder?
I too have no servo fitted and find the brakes more than powerful enough to lock the front wheels in anger on a dry day.
I did struggled to get the required 25% from the handbrake on the MOT.
So ended up extending the arm onto the handbrake lever at the rear hubs and now the handbrake applies more force than the rear service brake!

I have been trying to keep away from using wood in the interior and instead sticking with fiberglass panels like the original scimitar.
The interior really makes the car, especially to the driver, so will be outsourcing the upholstery to a local craftsman.

The white G46 had a nicely finished interior.

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