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Default Different Front hubs and scrub radius

Hi everyone, I am having a little hard time for the moment - In Sweden we have to have a good geometri at the front end to get through the MOT/SFRO - and one of the rules is that scrub radius should not exceed 5% of the width of the rim - about 15-18 mm with 7-8" wide rim. But could I prove that the front end geometri is good, than I could go up to scrub radius to 20-40 mm.

When I bought the setup of my Marlin, I fell for the kit with Cortina uprights and BMW hub - they are clean and talked to my heart.... But to go through our MOT = SFRO I need to find rims with ET over 50 and I want them to be good looking also...?? With ET 52 I get scrubradius at about 33 mm... So my question out to all Marlin builders - what hub do you use, what ET and scrub radius do you end up with then, what type of rim do you have and the most important : how do the car handle with that scrub radius?
So you do not feel any tendence of self steering or different changes in movement on the road when you goes over different holes or bumps?

Good looking rims are with 7 to 20 thin spokes and I am thinking of 17" diameter...but any good ideas could change my opinion

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