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Default IVA Planning

There are two approaches to the IVA:

Aim for Pass
Print out the IVA test guide, and meticulously work your way through it - it is not as bad as it is sometimes made out to be. If you feel you can't fail yourself, then the examiner should not either - unless he finds something you either overlooked or could not have foreseen.

Aim for a Fail
Take the view you have made a fair attempt to meet the IVA regulations, but that you are prepared to pay 90 (for the re-test) to find out what you still have left to obtain a pass.

The only problem with aiming for a Pass is you become paranoid in the last two weeks before your test worrying about what the examiner could conceivably pick up on! - and in my case my handbrake failed to reach the required efficiency, which I did not have the means to test (except see below).

Several guys have put their cars through an MOT pre-test check prior to the IVA test which is a good idea - they will be able to set your headlights up, test your brakes (and handbrake!) and provide an impartial third party overview of your build.

Go for it - and Good luck.

I would certainly like to add my thanks to your build for a major contribution to my Cabrio.
The simple idea of reverse fitting the intake boot showed me I could fit a standard M50 Inlet Manifold rather than fitting the butchered solution Marlin recommended (and I initially followed) - I am sure my engine will be significantly more reliable as a result.

Good luck.
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