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Default Front end progress

On a bit of a roll...

Having sorted the rear, I fitted the screen using Mr. Towed's trusty rubber well nuts and suddenly things are looking better! Before I left my job, I printed the housings for very discrete LED indicators which will be painted in body colour (now decided - more later). These will need an inline resistor to work with the flasher unit, but I can mount these on the frame inside the engine bay.

front end.jpg

Need to address the negative camber and I have re-read davecymru's thread so will have to take the plunge for new adjustable shocks and springs at some point, although I see that Canley's do an adjustable top wishbone - anyone tried one?

Just waiting on some more aluminium to make a mounting for the fusebox. I opted to keep the original bulkhead (it was the only one I had!) so have drilled a big hole to route the loom inside the footwell and there were some conveniently placed holes already there to bring engine bay cables back out again - result!

fuse box.jpg

A slight conundrum withe the brake master cylinder - I bought a 3/4" uprated one to replace the original very big 5/8" one in the hope that it would fit under the front wing but alas, still a bit of a clash...I could move the frame rail but it would still make removing the lid / filling with fluid difficult. Guessing a remote filler version would be the answer - Wilwood seem to do a good range - all thoughts welcome!...

master cylinder.jpg

Hopefully, the weather will hold, so I can crack on

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