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That is greatly appreciated, Mister Towed, and answers a couple of other questions I've been pondering.
What I'm after at the moment is a service where someone can come around and check the integrity and structure of the complete and welded chassis.
I'm triangulating and putting gussets in etc, but before I go any further, is there an organising body that can 'sign it off' or give advice to any further bits needed?
I'd like this to happen before I fit the engine so I'm not having to take that out to do something I may have missed.
The order in which I am intending to do things are:

Finish welding chassis
Turn in to rolling chassis
Have a pre-check/sign off mentioned above
Fit engine, wiring etc to have a running, driving and stopping chassis
Get VIN assigned
Fit body and lighting etc
Get MOT'd
Get registered

I will fall in to category 5 Kit Conversion
I'm building my own Uni body chassis for the cockpit and adding the running gear, engine, suspension, brakes etc from a donor vehicle, and then my own fiberglass body.
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