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Default Valuation ideas please

Good evening all.
I hope everyone is doing well, especially in the current climate. My dad and I are (very tentatively) thinking about what the sale price of our Sportster might be.
It's the 1994 M3 3.0 litre based Sportster, in Ecurie Ecosse Flag metallic blue, that was featured in Total Kit car a couple of years ago. There is a link here.
Are we crazy to think it's worth over 20k? Always Mot'd. Done less than 5000 miles in the last 6 years. Any input on what you guys think 'Marlene' might be worth would be much appreciated. Obviously, I appreciate that it is difficult to price a car based on a short description, but here goes.
1994 3.0l engine and rear end. Original motorsport wheels finished in Casino Royale 007 gunmetal grey. Satin Black front mudguards. Serviced every year. Carbon fibre dash, with digital instrument panel. Full carpeted. Leather and alcantara seats from Intatrim. 0-60 in around 4-5 seconds. Dual diaphragm brake servo. Led all in one headlights. A few stone chips and a bit of wear on the drivers seat bolster. Drives faultlessly. Private plate Mar 306L could be included for additional cost.

Hope you don't mind me asking, but Parkers were no good!! 😉

Thanks in advance fellas. It's purely speculative at the moment, but if we do need to sell, it would be good to know a rough ball park figure. Would be a huge wrench to sell her, but my dad's not getting any younger and I can't drive her to work anymore, so she's in the garage way too much!

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