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Originally Posted by AlanHogg View Post
Marlin's diesel powered demonstrator is up for 20k, there's one at a dealers near Swindon for around 13k, both have been for sale for some time. I know of a couple of Sportsters [Not Mpowered] that sold for around 6k, so its difficult to price these models. Personally I think all Marlins are under valued but regrettably that seems to be the case. I would keep it, drive it at every opportunity and enjoy the fruit of your labours. I'm on my fifth Marlin, having deviated a few times, but keep coming back to the marque. Think of the memory's it holds!!
I would tend to agree with Alan. Sportsters should be worth a lot more but it's a very niche market. It's not a tourer and it's not a seven. Nor is it a classic so doesn't appeal to those buyers. Realistically you should be getting about 12k tops. Your mpowered version narrows the market even more.
I'd wait until the pandemic is over before advertising it and then take it to a few shows to gauge interest.
Sorry if that is not what you wanted to hear.

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