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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
Definitely has potential to look fantastic. Good luck with the project, will be watching with interest.

Ebay link went to the car, but the 'see original listing' tab took me to a ruddy great tent for 1500+ instead.
A tent you say I might need that.
The guy I got it from has spent years doing it up from scratch and then lost interest.... I'm hoping I don't find something and think "ah, that's why he sold it"
It needs setting up, so any recommendations appreciated, especially if it's around Peterborough area.
Body work sanding down and spraying... I'm thinking gloss black.
A few bits to sort out here and there.
Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. I live in a town called Bourne and if anyone is close by and wants to look and advise me, especially on the road registering of it, the kettle will be on.
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