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First two photos are badly taken and I cant take them again so I will try my best to explain.

Basically I fitted the original bonnet back on to the chassis. Removed enough of the bonnet with the grinder so it would take up the new shape on the sides of the bulkhead and sills. In fact when I had finished trial fitting the new bonnet in place I found I was left with the inner arches and frame and the only part of the outer bonnet was the wheel aches and small amount of the top wing.

I also cut back on the fronts of the wings revoming the head light suports

The above photo sort of shows the cut back at the front of the wings, they had to be cut back to give enough clearance for the light bowls.

Now I know I am always trying to use as much of the doner as possible. But if my original bonnet had been perfect I think I would have found difficult to cut it up with the prospect of a good profit on ebay. However mine was rotten at the front lip and around the headlamp bowls.

Another reason I have kept this design is from reading other builds about possible stone chip damage to the underside of the bonnet causing possible paint damage to the top side of the bonnet.

I t also saved a lot of time designing and making up a hinge arrangement using the original.

So thats the first part of the front end part two and three to follow.
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