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Gary thanks for info on door locks

Paul, Mike and Keith

Thanks for your well wishes. Wedding went fine and honeymoon.

Quick update not to much to report on build of car. I was on Honeymoon in usa and bahamas for 3.5 weeks. and then went off for a week on my stag do on a bangers to barcalona rally. So the bit of spare time I had was used on rebuilding my sons old ford focus.

Then the time I planned for the alpha was used up by been called back to work.

I feel the november time scale could be at risk of slipping back.

But on a possitive note all the lights and mirrors have arrived and my 2 front spitfire seats have been refurbished just waiting for me to finish car and instal.

So all in all a busy summer alot of driving aproximatley 2500 miles

Just a shame it wasnt in the alpha just need to get back on it and i can enjoy it next summer
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