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Nice, love the front scoop.

I switched to Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres, which are very soft and grippy, and experimented with pressures, settling on about 30psi front and 28 rear if I recall. That allowed spirited driving without excessive wheelspin or slip and slide from the rear, even in the wet.

I had significant understeer on mine, too, until I threw away the manual's advice on wheel alignment for the standard Vitesse, added a fair bit of toe-in at the back wheels for straight line stability and kept increasing the toe-out at the front wheels a little at a time until it turned in really crisply.

The car really handled then and felt very predictable, safe and was huge fun to drive. I had no issues with unusual tyre wear, either, as the car just wasn't heavy enough to cause any noticeable wear at all. My Uniroyal 175/80/14's tread still looked like new after 3 years and 9,000 miles of back road and motorway driving.

Anyway, nice to see another Spyder being enjoyed.
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