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I got it wrong the photo in the square next to the Alfa was Masham and not Helmsley.

This is Roger my navigator, we are both ex-bikers so wet weather gear always a priority. He chose to wear a helmet which on reflection was sensible, especially in heavy rain or long journeys. Plus I was forever adjusting my cap.

When you do a shake down run always return on the same route you went out on. That way you can pick up any bits that may have fallen off.

The car created lots of attention and favourable comments. When we stopped in the square at Helmsley (correct this time) it was very busy and the car had a constant supply of admirers. One man who had a collection of Lancias was very interested in the car and was quite taken by it. He liked the shape and the build of the car. He stayed around for about half an hour chatting to our group. Another man also commented because we used most of the original running gear which is old (although the body style is probably 10 years older) we retain a period look to the car and he thought they must be collectable.

David P I love the second rear view shot of your car on the country lane with all the trees around. I could almost hear the car popping and crackling as it cools down. Solitude.

David thanks, when I sell the Jensen I feel a 1500 Midget will be a good wet weather companion for the Spyder.

Cheers to all
Trevor (Freeman41)
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