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Barber - Thanks.

My wife works in the NHS and also gets the flu jab each year.

But just when my cough was almost gone, I picked up a cold from her!

Thankfully, I actually felt well enough for a drive today…

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Merry Christmas!
I made a mess in the kitchen when I tried to top up the salt cellar…

As the main body of the cellar itself came away and emptied all the salt in it onto the floor.

At which point, I then discovered that the refill container was almost empty too.

So, in order to cheer myself up, I decided to take a chance and go for my first drive in ages.

I needed to stop for petrol on the way to Sainsburys & here is my shopping.

I then took the slightly longer route on the way home when my luck almost ran out completely…

I was making a left turn at some lights, in no rush, so I was taking it easy.

Then the whole back end spun out on me and I was going sideways in a big way!

At least, I was paying attention, but my attempt to correct the slide had me fishtailing the other way.

At which point I was 'drifting' towards a line of parked cars and I really thought I was going to side swipe them.

Thankfully, at the very last moment traction was restored and I could straightened up and carry one.

It felt pretty hairy from my end, but the faces of other drivers watching confirmed it looked hairy too.

At least the guy who had been tailgating me in his Mercedes two seater backed right off after that.

Once I'd calmed down a bit I did stop to check the rear tyres.

They were both fully inflated, with no obvious signs of damage, so I assume there was something on the road.

Anyway, I have a load of stuff still left to do before Christmas Day, so I'll end now.

Merry Christmas!

Take care, Paul.
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